Cherries for Sale
We have six (6) varieties of cherries in the orchard for you to enjoy...
Cherry Varieties ccorchards_2015004013.jpg Rainiers Stellas Sweetheart Cherries Van Cherries ccorchards_2015004008.jpg
Description & History of Each Type
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selected some of the most popular items & put together unique gift baskets and other items that we think will bring memories of country air and summer sunshine into your home at any time of the year. Give us a call and let us know what you need.
Many clients have been calling to ask us to prepare gift baskets or special orders of fresh fruit, jams, jellies, toppings and other items from the orchard and country market. We've
Gift Baskets
U-Pick by appointment mid-July - early September.
Fresh Blackberries
Made On-Site with a nice balance of tart & sweetness. Stays Fresh Unrefrigerated in a Pasteurized 3L Bay-in-a-Box.
100% All Natural Cherry Juice
Our Pitted Dried Sweet Cherries are convenient, nutritious & taste great. No sugar, additives or preservatives added. 100% Nut & Gluten Free.
Available year-round.
Dried Sweet Cherries
Just let us know what you need and we'll make sure everything is ready.
         Open 7 am-1 pm daily or by appointment.
         Call / Text (250) 486-5113

"Reserve-a-Tree" - Renting your very own tree is a great way of ensuring you always have cherries. Put your name on it!!! Ask us for details.
Fresh Cherries